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Wholesale Yoni Eggs, USA


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There is no better time than now to start a business in this sector. Holistic health and spiritual practices are on the rise; there is a hunger for what we once knew. Be on the forefront of this shift; our yoni egg prices are competitive and priced to make a profit.

Wholesale Yoni Eggs are ready to fit seamlessly into your yoga studio, medical practice, crystal shop or online store.

We carry a wide range of authentic Yoni Eggs, Crystal Sex Toys and Crystal Beauty Tools. Low minimuns, private label or distribute Gemstone Yoni Eggs retail brand.  Mix and match buying options for all products, stones & sizes. 

Our gemstones are sourced from the most beautiful and pristine places on earth - mostly Madagascar, but also Brazil, Australia, Canada and Guatemala. We are proud to offer you a divine variety of beautiful crystals, authentic jades, and other exquisite gemstones for your business.