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We direct a dedicated focus towards quality, authenticity, and good vibes with every yoni egg we offer.

When it comes to selling an item intended for a woman’s most sacred space, we take things very serious. Being a women run business in a female dominated nitch, we know that quality and standards are of the utmost importance.

That's why we've committed ourselves to producing the most authentic, top-notch Yoni Eggs of the finest semi-precious quality. After all, our customers deserve nothing less!

Direct Trade Yoni Eggs! There's no middle-man, no communication issues and no compromise with Wholesale Yoni Eggs.

The need for a legitimate Yoni Egg supplier was and still is in high demand, and we just happen to be the lucky women chosen to supply these sacred feminine tools to Yoni Egg professionals all over the globe.

Our Yoni Eggs are carefully made by our production partners; professional lapidary specialist by hand and with love, for business owners all around the world. 

Whether your a doctor, midwife, doula, spiritual coach, fitness or yoga instructor and anyone in between (or not!) Wholesale Yoni Eggs is the perfect addition to your business. We offer low minimum orders, private label, mix-and-match Yoni Eggs you can order online with just a few clicks! It's that easy.

Women owned and operated USA business.

Wholesale Yoni Eggs is located in Southern California USA