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Quality & Standards - GIA Certified

We know how important it is for women to know that what they put in their scared space is of the highest quality, so we'd like to extend our GIA Certifications on to our wholesale customers to use. 

Please note that each certification comes with it's own identification code which is unique to that gemstone. Unlawful use of our certifications may result in legal action. We only permit our customers to use our certifications. If you were once a customer of ours, but no longer are, please do not use our certifications. 

Based in Southern, California , Wholesale Yoni Eggs is a small business who collaborate with distributors all over the world.

Whenever possible, Wholesale Yoni Eggs gets out of the office to talk directly with business owners at festivals, health shows and conferences. They also work closely with medical professionals, yoga instructors, and spiritual teachers with the same goal: to offer women a superior choice for their physical and spiritual health.

Wholesale Yoni Eggs manufactures the most authentic yoni eggs of the finest semi-precious quality. There is no middle man, no communication problems and no compromise when it comes to producing the worlds best yoni eggs!

We believe that as our customer, you deserve complete transparency when it comes to knowing all the details of an item intended to enhance women's health. 

Because of this, we settle for nothing less than completely natural, energetically charged, entirely authentic gemstones, for an experience that is perfect for connecting your customers to the true power of their feminine energy.

How Wholesale Yoni Eggs are made:

  1. We start with ordering large pieces of raw semi-precious gemstone crystal from various parts of the world.
  2. The large slabs of raw gemstone are then cut and chiseled into cube shapes by hand.
  3. The gemstone cubes are then shaped into a desired rough form, called a preform. This is done with a sanding machine which is  carefully hand operated by our lapidary specialist. Water is used during the process to keep the stone from overheating. One by one, our yoni eggs are made.
  4. The eggs are now shaped into their desired form, in various sizes, and then tumbled in a rotating tumbling barrel for a few hours to a few days, depending on the stone (some are drilled at this point). After they are perfectly smooth and silky, they are packaged and shipped to our office where we package and ship them directly to you.That's it, nothing more.
  5. We have never altered or enhanced our gemstone yoni eggs in any way. We have weekly communication by email, phone or Skype with our team and oversee every step of the production process and are proud to deliver perfection with every yoni egg we produce. 

Here are some pictures of our yoni egg (and other body gemstones) production:

wholesale yoni eggsyoni eggs wholesalewholesale yoni eggsjade eggs wholesale

 wholesale yoni eggs

wholesale yoni eggsyoni eggs wholesaleyoni eggs wholesalejade eggs wholesalewholesale jade eggs

 jade eggs wholesale

 wholesale yoni eggs