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Wholesale Yoni Eggs

Agate Yoni Eggs - GIA Certified


We are the largest yoni egg wholesaler in world with more eggs in stock then any other crystal sex toy distributors. All yoni eggs come individually wrapped for your wholesale order to prevent damage during shipping these are semi precious gemstones hand made for Kegel exercises and yoni womb healing. We offer three sizes( Large, Medium, & Small ) with the exact size references below. 


Yoni Egg Sizes: Large 38x50mm, Medium 30x40mm, Small 25x33mm
Gemstone Origin: Brazil
Color: Grey with possible white / cream banded lines
Style: Drilled & Undrilled are available 
Characteristics: Yoni eggs are hand polished to perfection agate is a great stone that has one of the best finishes in gemstones.

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